CMS Spectra

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Beautiful In Its Simplicity

beta version 0.24 (not yet released)


CMS Spectra is a brand new Content Management System, not a fork, and it has been built from the ground up to serve your every need in website design. 

There are many powerhouse Content Management Systems out there today but you usually need an in-depth study of it just to get started. Lots of people just give up trying to get a site up and running.

That's where CMS Spectra is different. The top priority in the design process was to make this CMS user-friendly. Once you have installed CMS Spectra you will never need an FTP client or web host control panel again. Your entire website can be managed from within the dashboards.

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Build a beautiful website in minutes.


Themes and Styles

Working hand-in-hand


Themes give your website an attractive look and Styles give your website its layout. When they are working together you get impressive results. 

The aim of CMS Spectra is to give you the flexibility to choose.


The powerful theme builder allows you to edit themes and also build new ones.  No more files to edit or upload just open the theme builder up and start creating.  Once you become comfortable with the settings you will be able to build a new theme in 5 minutes or less.  Don't like the look of something in your theme, go back and edit it at any time.


* Screenshots


Are pre-made and completely change the layout to compliment your website's content.  Whether you have a small or very large website CMS Spectra can handle it.  If the layout you chose when first setting up your website no longer displays the content that has grown,  you can go in and change the layout at any time.



- 1-column

- 1-column plus (being used here)

- 2-column left or right sidebars

- both sidebars left or right

- 3-column

- 5-column

- magazine

- newspaper

- media

- gallery